Product Review: Revolutionary Rechargeable Lithium Battery

There is something so magical about camping out in the bush, far from the hustle and bustle of civilization; looking up at the night sky and seeing multitudes of stars shining down on you, unhindered by city lights.

I will never grow tired of it – the simplicity and joy of life in the bush.

A flashlight is handy though, especially on those nightly visits to the latrine in the deep darkness of the African bush.

I can tell you stories where life hung in the balance of my flashlight working. Seriously.

There have been many experiences where batteries failing would have been very costly to my family and I, not only in the bush, but at our African home in town as well.

Whether you are carving out a life in Africa or keeping up with the Joneses, however, you know what I mean when I say that batteries tend to fail you in the worst possible situations and that the amount of batteries we tend to throw into landfills is not very kind to the planet that sustains us.

I love Africa. I love this vast continent with its wildness and beauty – life and death situations notwithstanding! I want to reduce my eco-footprint on the land while still keeping my family and I safe on our many camping trips!

Don’t believe me about the life and death stuff? Click on the link below to read about it, and about how having a dependable rechargeable battery with a handy Micro-USB charger is something campers, travellers and adventurers shouldn’t go without.

I am really excited about the Revolutionary Rechargeable Lithium Battery. Find out why here.

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