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I was sitting at home one day, wondering how people seem to be able to make money online through websites and writing. The whole process was a mystery to me. How does it work? The very next day, an advertisement popped up on my social media site, inviting me to write for money. The mystery was solved. Now I know that there are many opportunities out there to write as a freelancer. You just have to know where to look.


Travelista Club is the website which I have started with, and I can honestly say they are great. I wrote an article for them which was published on their website and which you can access here. Not only was I paid promptly for my work, but I also received extensive training for free covering how to set up a website and work with WordPress, how to market online, how to attract clients as a freelancer and more. The training itself made such a huge impact for me and is definitely worthwhile, especially because it is free to sign up!

You can access them here to find out about writing for them yourself.

If you aren’t an avid traveller but are interested in other topics such as fashion, check out the links below and see if you would be interested in writing for any of these websites.

Links to websites looking for writers

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Fashion Shopr – Fashion and accessories writing Australia

Intellicrafters – Artificial Intelligence writing

IPhone Topic – Apple products writing

Nupathe Health & Medical Solutions – Health and medicine writing

Style Plus – Women’s fashion writing

Tech WTF – Technology writing

Travelista Club – Travel writing

Tropicalist Australia – Travel writing Australia

Twisted Fitness – Fitness writing

Your turn to write

So there you have it. Check out some of the links. See what you think. Have some fun. It could become a hobby which makes you a little bit of money on the side, or one day could turn into a proper business bringing in the cash and giving you the freedom to work from home or on the road as you travel the world. Why not?

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