Sitting with a local Makonde lady in her mud hut

Our Vision

To inspire others to get out and explore this amazing place we call earth, whether that's to get in the car and drive an hour away from home, to somewhere you've never been before, book a flight to a wild and wonderful new country, or take a boat trip... the opportunities are endless! Outside your door is a world to be explored, people to meet, new foods to try. My hope is that my stories will inspire you to go out and experience something new.

Our Story

I have been travelling since I was born... literally! Because of my father's job, we moved to a new country almost every three years, and also got to visit many more countries. My childhood planted the travel bug in me, and I continue to travel with my husband and four children now. We are Australians currently living on the marvellous continent of Africa. Join us on our journey!

Meet the Family

My husband and I have been happily married and living this adventure together since January 2003. We have four beautiful children: Twin boys, another son, and a delightful daughter, who also love to travel and have wild adventures.

Visiting a shanty town in South Africa

Ashley Field

The Husband

The one who keeps us all together.

African life.

Rosalyne Field

The Writer

The story-teller.

Crazy kids and their even crazier mama

Little People

The Children

The ones who keep life hilarious and fun!

Next Steps...

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