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Mountain Hiking

Have you ever wondered...

What it would be like to pack up and go somewhere exotic? Somewhere you've never been before? Meet people who live a completely different lifestyle than you do? Learn new languages? Taste new food?

It is actually a lot easier than you think! The hardest part is taking the first step, but once you get out the door... the world stretches out before your feet, beckoning you on a journey to find new places and experience new things. You could go anywhere! The world lies at your doorstep.

To begin with, why don't you read some of my stories. I'll share my adventures, joys and low points. I'll give you some tips and advice from my experiences, including how to travel with children if you've got some of them lying around the house! And once you've laughed at my mistakes and rejoiced at my triumphs... why don't you go and make some memories of your own! Whether it's to go to a pretty little park an hour from home you've always been meaning to go to but haven't gotten around to, or to set off on an adventure of a lifetime... the choice is yours. For now, just sit back, relax with a cup of coffee or a nice glass of wine, and enjoy my stories.

Next Steps...

Click on my Blog page, get comfortable, and enjoy reading my stories!

footprints in the sand